Villa Karina Cafe Design Template


Fresh design for the café

In order to avoid having to move chairs and tables in the morning when the sun is shining, we are currently having an elegant canopy designed with matching furniture. This not only protects against strong sunlight but also helps to protect against rain in changeable weather. Less obviously, we are modifying the buffet respectively its packaging and origin:

Personally, we pay a lot of attention to a healthy and sustainable diet, which tends to be reflected in our daily breakfast menu. To avoid unnecessary transport and animal suffering, we almost exclusively use ingredients from the region. We try to avoid packaging waste whenever possible and banish mini jam and butter wrappers from our offer. Instead, we use small decorative glass bowls for each guest. We have also come up with an environmentally friendly solution for our ever-popular Illy coffee on the go. Because our fully recyclable re|USSI cups, from a German start-up, can be disposed of in the paper waste without hesitation.

A new look for terraces and balconies 

To use the full potential of our beautiful garden, we want to upgrade the terraces and balconies with new furniture. The old heavy metal chairs and tables will give way to light and comfortable seating that will blend in better with the surroundings. Similar to what we currently use in the cafe. New planting and a large sunshade on each patio/balcony provide a pleasant climate at any time of day. Ideal for relaxing outdoors with a good book or glass of wine.

We look forward to seeing you!
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